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Yellow Perch In Gaspereau Lake

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I haven't caught a perch in Gaspereau Lake in years. Seems like it's all small pickerel and bass. Anyone else caught any?
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I catch the odd few each year. There are lots of large pickerel and bass in there.
I don't have a boat so my range is limited.
Neither do I. I've only ever fished it from shore. When the water is low you can wade or jump from rock to rock and get out quite far in many areas.
I wonder if there is somewhere online that posts the water level? Or the drainage schedule?
Try four mile near dark in summer... Has loads of yellow and white perch bass and pickeral still... Kinda cool kayaking in shallow bays near dark and literally moving thousands of fish
That sounds cool. I'm checking google maps to see about a way in there.
I have caught a number of yellow perch and white perch in Lumsden Dam this year. Also brook trout and smallmouth.

Still have not caught any in Gaspereau Lake.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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