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Just a quick summary of my week in yarmouth...

Anyone that told me the fishing was fantastic was spot on. I didn't get into numbers like I may have expected, but it wasn't for lack of trying. The weather definitely played a factor a few days, I didn't pick a good week for that. I fished Ellenwood a lot, and made my way down the system and found pickerel and smallmouth everywhere I went. Prior to going to Yarmouth I had caught 2 pickerel at 25" long, and one at 25.5 through the ice. I had 6 pickerel over 25" in 3 days on Ellenwood, with 2 over 25. And everything I was catching were monsters, big fat fish. And I'm sure the fishing only gets better. I also managed one morning fishing outside of the wharf on the Tusket River side of Wedgeport, caught about 200 mackerel, pretty much all tinkers. If anyone else is considering a trip down, do it, you'll be happy you did. And feel free to ask me any questions about Ellenwood Campground or any of the lakes around Ellenwood Lake and I'll help where I can.








Hey do you think you can get some good fishing from the shore done here?
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