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I had posted this earlier to an old thread titled “Jigging” but got no reply, but I did get a trophy (maybe for the dumbest question of the month):

“ I'm retired and haven't fished since high school so please excuse my ignorance. I have also wondered about "jigging."
From Googling there appears to be two distinct meanings for "jigging". The most numerous one is using a "jig." A single hook with a lead head and it seems that the intent is to hook a fish by the mouth like any other hook or lure.
The other meaning appears to be the method of catching a fish anywhere other than the mouth which is illegal. Have I got this right? Also listed as illegal is using any "jigging device". And what is considered a "jigging device"? ”

I had stumbled across a 2019 SeaWire newspaper story in which a grandfather showing his 3 year old granddaughter how to fish using a 2’ kids pole with a hook with the barbs cut off got a $697 fine from a NS enforcement officer for “jigging”.

It was reading this article that prompted me to bump up the jigging thread with my initial questions as I meant to follow up with asking about the SeaWire story. The story stated he got fined for jigging. What was it that he was doing that constitutes jigging to get the $697 fine?

I wanted to make sure when I finally get out to fish this Spring that I don’t do whatever that grandfather did to get fined.
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