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Watershed Analysis

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Hey guys,

I'm currently doing a angling survey/fish species and population analysis of two major watersheds in the HRM area. Kearney run and Six Mile River run.

Was curious what sorta fish you all have caught in any of the lakes listed below? As well as (if possible) The time/date and how many?

Fox Lake
Hobson Lake
Three Finger Lake
Big Horseshoe Lake
Little Horseshoe Lake
Big Cranberry Lake
Little Cranberry Lake
Charlies Lake
Crane Lake
McQuade Lake
Paper Mill Lake
Ash Lake
Quarry Lake
Flat Lake (2)
Coxs Lake
Frasers Lake
Flat Lake (1)
Still Water Lake
Long Lake
Maple Lake
Nine Mile River
Thompson Pond
Perry Pond
Bartlett Lake
Mason Mill Pond
Schmidt Lake
Baptizing Lake
Duck Pond
Second Lake
Tiny Hole
Witherod Lake
Long Lake
Lewis Lake
Ash lake
Ragged Lake
Thank you for any contributions and input, it is very helpfull for the health of our waterbodies and watershed as a whole. Also once I get all info collected maybe ill share that excell file or the final published work.

Thanks again!
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Nine Mile River - striped bass, brook trout, american shad, small mouth bass. They were caught over several trips, typically during the shad run on the NMR. Say mid to late May.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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