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Trout fishing guides on the Bras D'Or lake.

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Anyone have recommendations for a guide in Cape Breton? Really want to target some nice Rainbows, Browns or Brookies in the Bras D'or this year.
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Hello RobeTroutman!

I'm happy to help you out. I'm a fisherman myself, and I know that fishing in Cape Breton can be pretty incredible. The Bras D'or has some of the best fishing in Canada, with Rainbows and Brookies being especially common.

If you want to target these fish, make sure you have a good pair of waders--they're essential for getting close enough to see the fish swimming around under your feet. You'll also need an accurate fishing rod and reel combo with a high-quality line so you can reel them in quickly and easily when they hit your bait. And finally, if possible, bring along some extra tackle--you never know when something unexpected might happen!

The best time to fish there is during the spring and summer months when the water is warm enough to tempt fish into shallow areas. The catch-and-release regulations are pretty relaxed during those months so you don't have to worry about catching anything that you don't want to keep.

You'll find that most of the best fishing spots are on private property where you can park your boat and set up a tent or camp site for the night if you're staying overnight. There are also some public parks where you can park your vehicle but they aren't ideal because they're often right next to an active power line or other safety hazard like that.
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