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Hey gang, I was watching a show called Fishing Adventures and the host Cyril something or other showed a guy a trick to get hung-up lures unsnagged. He tightened the tension and lifted the rod so there was a nice bow to it, then took the line in his fingers between the reel & first guide and pulled it to the side, creating a deeper bow in the rod, then let it go like an archer releasing the arrow. I've now had a chance to try it out and it works like a charm. I may have to change my username.
Been doing this for years. Works the best. Start with smaller snaps, as mentioned, so that you don't embed the hook deeper. If light snaps on the line don't work, then work your way to harder ones.

The setup is a little tricky: The line must be "just right". What I mean is this: Your line must have no tension with your rod straight out. This is because when the move is executed, the line must go "limp" so the back pressure at the lure end will pull the lure away from you (and hopefully free). Take up the little bit of slack you have by raising your rod up, then grab the line between the reel and first loop, and pull it like a bow & arrow and release as quick as you can. If you do this move and your line is still tight after you snap it, it is useless. Hope ya get what I mean... It is a great trick and has saved MANY lures. It won't get every lure back, but more than whipping your rod up & down like a madman.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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