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News of Atlantic salmon can be good and bad in the same week.

The excitement of the largest salmon river dam removal in North American history continues to echo. John Holyoke of the Bangor Daily has an interesting recent column on the great Penobscot River dam take down.

On the other hand, what do you do when 138,000 farmed Atlantic salmon escape? Apparently very little. Read more about the very latest of THREE recent cage failures. They are a threat to rivers in Nova Scotia - only a few miles from where they in cages off Grand Manan.

Is the escape of interest? By Monday, articles had been carried by more than 50 news sources, including this article that ties it in with wild salmon numbers:

Aquaculture mismanagement is a trans-Atlantic affair. Last week, the Atlantic Salmon Trust in the UK accused the Scottish government of ineffective salmon aquaculture management that places wild salmon at risk, as noted in The Scotsman.

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One of the smartest things they said, I pasted below.

"Recapture efforts must be implemented to reduce the impacts of escaped farm salmon on populations of wild Atlantic salmon which are at critically low levels throughout the Bay of Fundy and nearby Gulf of Maine," adds Mr. Taylor. "The best solution to the problem of escapes, however, would be to locate salmon farms on land. It would also eliminate the spread of sea lice and disease to wild salmon."


I find it hard to fathom a 'recapture method', other than opening a season on them for fisherman,.... but the land based rearing I agree with. I know others do too.
It reminds me of the time my father used to raise rainbow trout at a land based facility in NS for dept. of fisheries (back in the day). Those fish were then released into the wild. They were housed in large cement tanks and not once did they spill their contents. You might have the odd eagle, mink or weasel to contend with but you can control them easier than you can control an Atlantic Swell and Mother Nature.

If you don't want the fish escaping, don't put them in the ocean. It seems these days it's every five minutes and another opperation has another 100,000 or more being dumped into open water.

Is the technology really that badly developed? Or is it time to try something new?

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