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Springfield Lake (Annapolis)

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Anybody out there fish this lake for white perch? I'd like to get out on the ice and try it out. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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I've never iced fished the lake, but have seen some huge white perch come out of the lake in the summer.
Is there a small boat launch? I checked google maps but I don't see anything obvious?
There's a small boat launch at the ball field.
Okay cool, thanks. I will be checking it out soon.
Hey Shawn B,

Take care at that launch. It was shallow this spring, I can't imagine how far you'd need to back in to get a boat off a trailer now.

Thanks Darren, I took my quad up a couple days ago to scout it out. Crazy how low everything is.

My boat is a little 14'er so I could pretty much man handle it to deeper water, get my feet wet, but that's the price we pay sometimes. B)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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