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Had the day off work and shit weather stopped me from fishing so I thought I would do some history browsing on the NS archives when I cam across this gem, a hunting and fishing guide to Nova Scotia from 1909.

The link I posted brings you right to the start of the fishing section but do to page 2-3 to see a guide of the book

5$ license (seems steep with inflation!), no bass or pickerel (mention of other trout species, but none that had successfully started breeding.

Information on the climate, what to expect, information on saltwater fishing, best lures to use. I think our handbook has taken a few steps back over the last 104 years :p

Mostly cool reading up on there gear though (15 foot rods for salmon, enameled silk line, cutty hunky line)

The giant leaping tuna (atlantic blue tuna now a days) had never been landed in atlantic waters on a rod and reel combo.

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Great link. Always love this stuff.

Sort of sad to see the almost prophetic statement regarding the salmon rivers:

"Nova Scotia was once famous for her salmon streams and such rivers as the Medway, Mersey, St. Mary's,Tusket, Salmon, Petite Riviere, Tangier, Mira and others, still offer really excellent sport, which is sure to increase in quality with the greater care in the preservation of the fish that our authorities have now determined upon."

Oh for those much more innocent days when folks actually believed the promises of their politicians and "authorities".

Thanks for the great link. Really enjoyed it.

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