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Hello all

I am a documentary film maker shooting a series. One of our stories concerns striped bass specifically, and more generally any species. The focus of one specific episode is introducing kids to fishing. We will be filming over the next week based out of the New Glasgow/Truro area and we have one final scene to capture centred on two kids age 14 who have been taught the basics and are now venturing out on their own to try to put into practice what they have learned. The initial workshop was on the Stewiacke River two months ago which was a larger classroom exercise coordinated through their school. There was some success catching striped bass during the fishing day but many of the people we are speaking with now are suggesting the fishing in the river will be difficult this time of year. We have been recommended to go to the Bay of Fundy and may try that, but any advice regarding where we might have the best chance of success would be great. As always, not asking for specific hot spots, but general advice on bait for this time of year, river or the more open water of the bay, etc. would be great. I spend my time fishing Ontario where I am based so my thpughts on practices and approach may not translate.

Thanks in advance and apologies for the breach of good practices of registering and immediatly asking for advice.
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