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Shad Fishing 2023

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Well the first 400 darts are getting there white primer baked on at 120 degrees for 24 hours. Slow cook:) made a 30 pack group of my Super Special specks for when the Shad won't bite go tiny. myself and 1 other proved that out in the last Sat in may last year in Middleton. We were the only two at the point pm fish consistently catching fish all pm. He left and a friends son 8ys old jumped in beside me. I tied one on for him and you should have heard his dad. I'll pay you 20 bucks for one! Nope there for me and your son. I made Jeff 5 for this year:cool:. Yes I share with the youngins.
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Well since i last posted I baked on the second coat of white and then went for the colors. All have one coat. Had some great colors from the first coat. The yearly distilling of the paint caused some to get really bright first coat:) .Ifn your doing much the same put on a post.
Since I last posted we had some very cold and snowy weather. On those day it was painting, 1st clear coating. Tying on tails every night . Just about done. Made lots of midges this year and will be sharing with my Shad fishing friends. :cool:Cheery bombs ,Green Things, Black and white Pink Lady, think green and pink are in midge colors. Here's a secret when the fish are stacked up in front of you and will not hit ,go to a tiny dart with a weight up the line . Shad Killers:oops: Will post a pic when I'm done.
Last night as the snow was coming down.Final clear coat on all. Slow cook for 24Hs. Nice clear hard finish. Willpost a pic of this first batch.400
Okay Top left Pink Ladies then Beasties, Fire Tiger hot green Black and white. Next line down from the top Orange and White Things,Think Pink, Cheery Bombs Jim s Specials Next line Orange Things, Green Peacock the Green thing without a tail. the whole right side specks N Think Green Thing , Chart Thing, Think Green and on the bottom by it self Goblins, with out a tail Glow bug.They are lot brighter than the picture . Hot colors
Your post made me realize I don't have any shad darts in my box. But I also haven't caught or targeted shad since I was a young boy like 8-9, and the last one I caught was damn near the same size as me and almost pulled me in the river. I remember my rubber boots sliding along the muddy bank towards the water, and my father had to grab a hold of me.

My younger brother used to go and wrestle them in the shallow bits of the river with his bare hands too.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!
It Was 7years ago I arrived in Middleton To a flooded river. I walked up to the Nixtau lake, took my pack off. Put my fanny belt over my shoulder, and walked my secret High water path out to the river then down to the point which was up to my waist there not arm pits. At the time I noticed a boat coming up river with 3 persons in it. I cast a Cherry bomb and a arm slamming hook up. Then screaming drag:) Then 70y down river it blasts off8 ft jump a 2 3/4 foot monster of a Shad The fight was on and I looked over and the boat had stopped to watch the battle 3 more jumps and 20min and the 4in wide 12 in deep head was at my hand. One bent up hook and something that could nock me off my feet. I pop out the hook and she swims away. Then I heard Keep it we want it. Well my words If I never caught another fish this long long Weekend This was worth it. PS It was a12 fish am and the rest of the5 days was 85 ams and pms What a battle. One Year they had The last Shad tourney and we hooked and landed 4 of thsess beasts..Before any of the participants showed up, Great Memories. WE should see the big ins back with the power dam shut down for 3 years
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As you can see I'm on the top of the point in Nixtau lake The water had gone down 1ft the next am of the post from above. I like fishing the flooded river.
If by what happened in the last 3 years, 54 sleeps till Shad Time😀
Just an update to those that fish shad with Jim's Jigs The company whom makes the is down I.e. they site says there moving but order email was ignored. Sad to say they may be gone.
Thanks for the updates! I'm new to the area so I appreciate reading your historical shad posts. When is the run typically at shad corner at nine mile? I went end of may last year and I definitely missed it the river was bone dry.. I imagine end April early may?
I'm having this same conversation on my email with a friend, Looked to the last weekend in April or May 1, I was in Middleton on May 1 last year and caught 70, combined AM ,PM, I was alone all day an fished 5 different spots and caught fish in all . I've been told in the last 3 years the fish have run early, Mid April. This year is Different so far . Cold in March, and it looks like April too. According to the long range forecast for Spring. We could see a May 1 slow start with great fishing to the end of June. Long Weekend Fishing Trip Booked For Middleton. already.:) Smelts have been 2 to 3weeks early here on the Kennecook river.
Also 49 sleeps till Shad time:giggle:
Thanks for the info! And yes it will be a late spring for sure. Trout opener should be interesting!
I am going to be in Nova Scotia for the summer. Never Shad fished before. I have a fly rod and a spinning rod, is there any preferred way to fish them? It sounds like it can be lots of casting and getting the hook low, fly fishing may not be the best then?
41 Sleeps till :giggle:Shad time
36 sleeps till my first Shad fish...
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