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Northumberland Strait Stripers?

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Can anyone tell me if there are many bass hitting on the strait anywhere. Tried near river john but none hitting . Only a short time left and would like a couple fish to keep for my wife and I.Would be happy with one or at least her catching one.

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I was fishing in Pictou at the causeway spillway a couple weeks ago now and it was very active 20+ for a few days while I was there.
Thanx , Yes I saw a few different people there a couple times I went by. What were you using for bait or lure? and is it best at high or low? It looked low each time . I suppose chest waders would be in order also
I have used A 3.5" live target herring swim bait with good luck and even upgraded to the 6.5" 2 oz one with luck as well. I also used 4.5" 5/8 oz Storm wild eye in the herring pattern when the big guy wasn't producing. Fished there through all tides with success. Time of day was more the catching factor. The most consistent catches were once the sun had gone down just behind the hills and it got dark enough that a light was needed to move around. You can use waders to get out but not necessary I did all my fishing right off the bank. Stayed close to the spillway casting in and around the current or if it's a good night just listen for the splashes.
Thank You.

I just heard from someone they are not biting as much if they are even there anymore at different wharves. Maybe tomorrow I will try there
Any one knows fishing spot in
Saint John NB ?
Strippers , mackerel
I am from the Pictou area and there are certain plenty around from mid-June to late Sept. They are not as big as on the Bass River/Fundy stripers and there is a 50-65 CM range limit but still lots of fun. Pictou Harbour is good all over and they go through the causeway spillway into the upper harbour and fly fishermen are often there catching them as well as bait and lure fisherman. I have heard of people catching them along the shoreline, off the beach and wharves at Toney River, River John, Caribou Island, and Braeshore too.
Once the East River opens you can fish the Trenton Connector and there are lots of Bass there.I use a mister twister and pinch the barb down.

Lots of fun and you never know if you are going to hook a small one or large one.

Just waiting for the rules and regulations to come out now for the Northumberland Strait Bass.
Any advice on timing shore fishing the northumberland straight? When are strippers usually there in the straight? Should I be aiming to shore fish there in June or August or Both? any advice on timing? I'm usually in NB close to the confederation bridge
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