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News from the Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF)

CBC Radio's Maritime Magazine aired an in-depth documentary on the dispute on the Maine/NB border over Maine's blocking of migrating alewives (gaspereau) from the international St. Croix River. To listen to the podcast of this half-hour program, visit:

In his article "Fundy Feedlots" in the Atlantic Salmon Journal, veteran writer Ted Williams looks at the past, probes the present, and ponders the future of Atlantic salmon aquaculture in the Bay of Fundy. To read his insightful article in the Journal on-line, go to:

Representatives and Senators in Washington are fighting possible approval of genetically modified Atlantic salmon, for concern about wild populations and the health of existing wild pacific salmon industries.

The Tweed River in Scotland experienced the best angling season since it began keeping records in 1947 during 2010, thanks to live release. More on the returns and the angling success can be found at:
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