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Mackerel 2023

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New season started. Getting boat ready to start looking for the big mackerel.
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Any changes to the rules/limits this year?
Any changes to the rules/limits this year?
Rules remain the same as last year
  • in any one day, have in their possession more than 20 mackerel;
  • have in their possession any mackerel that is less than 26.8 cm in length
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The daily and total possession limit is 20 Atlantic mackerel per person when fishing recreationally. The minimum mackerel size that may be retained is 26.8 cm.
Out in the harbour this morning by the McNabs light house Garys spot.

Water temp was 11 degrees.

There were no fish showing on the fish finder so fished with a metal jig close to the bottom and snared a nice cod and lost another.

Just a reminder for anyone catching ground fish no cod until 3rd Sat in June. Hope the link works

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