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I found this from: Pelagics

A person may engage in recreational fishing for mackerel with a handline or by angling without a licence. As Gary stated above"
daily bag limit of 20 mackerel is now in affect.
Minimum size is 26.8 cm [10.55 in]". And that's measured from the nose tip to the v in the tail (not the tip of the tail fin).


Photo Credit: Gilbert van Ryckevorsel

Season Dates

Open season April 1 to December 31 in tidal waters

Gear Restrictions

Handline and angling are permitted.

  • The daily bag limit is 20.
  • The minimum mackerel size that may be retained is 26.8 cm.

All tidal waters


No licence required

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Thanks for all these posts! I followed them all last year each day and have started following this year now too. Much appreciated. What are you using to catch these if you don't mind me asking? I spent mid Aug through October trying to catch them with almost no luck. The people around Sheet harbour said the water was too warm from the intense heat. Hoping things are a bit better this year. I will be trying for them again Aug 1st or so. I hope I won't have missed them all.

Anyway, sorry it took me this long to respond. I tried last year but was having trouble with the website. Keep on posting if you have time. I will start also in a couple weeks when I start trying.

Good luck out there!

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Hi Sandman
These are the jigs I use fishing for mackeral


Out today off McNab lighthouse with a friend and we each caught 20 keepers each
between the 2 of us we released 29 small mackerel.
We caught 5 large pollock and release a lot of small
Friend caught and released 2 cod fish
I use my jig and friend use the mustad jig.
End of trip the pollock took one hook from friend 3 hook jig which is why I gave up on using them.
My jig still has all hooks attach.

Water temp 16 C
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