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Hi All,

Be on the lookout for an older fellow in a small red car who, when unable to catch trout in shallow brooks with a lure, puts on a large treble hooked minnow and pulls it up into their body to rip them out of the water. Apparently he was at a brook on the edge of first lake today and after he pulled out each fish, he hid them in his car. He took well over his limit, more than ten, possibly as many as twenty speckled trout.

When I asked the man who said he saw this fellow do this why he did nothing to stop hm or report him, he said that he had told him there was a 5 fish limit and that he was not allowed to "fish" the way he was and was told by the man "I have my license so I can fish here." The man then drove off without his license plate number being recorded.

People who do this are not fishermen and do not have the right to do as they please and must be stopped.

If any of you see this type of illegal activity, please take down a good description of the person or persons as well as their vehicle information and report them immediately.

If you are reading this and it applies to you, be warned that I and the majority of fisher people in this province will report you immediately.

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