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Inflatable Kayak

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Looking at purchasing an inflatable kayak for fishing lakes & ponds. I have a car and no roof racks so a regular kayak or boat is out of the question - I also like the portability of an inflatable kayak.

I am looking for something under $500, room for small tackle box, areas to tie onto, preferably with 2 seats. I will look at buying something like this to attach a rod holder:

I am currently looking at this kayak:

Thought and comments (helpful only please)? Best place to buy such a niche item?
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Have you considered an inflatable pontoon boat (or two, if you're not fishing solo)?
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I've done the inflatable kayak thing, and if that's really you're only option then go for it. You will be limited to fishing only the nicest days with absolutely no wind, but on those days you'll be catching way more fish than if you were standing on shore. I had mine out on Fish lake and Cogmagun pond a number of times and caught a ton of fish from it. But it was mall, uncomfortable, and a real pain to paddle. It beat shore fishing, but it was nowhere near as useful to me as the kayak I have now.

If there's any way for you to consider buying some roof racks and getting a proper kayak it is definitely the way to go and will open up countless more fishing opportunities for you.
I think you would be much happier with a cheap small 10 ft Kayak,, lots of used ones on Kijiji for under $300.. no need for a roof rack if you are not going far.. use pool noodles and a couple of good straps and your good to go..I started with a Pelican and they are great little starter boats..paddle like a barge but they are stable.. I have used different inflatables and never been impressed..really bad in any type of wind.. ;)
Hmm definitely have given me something to think about. Part of the issue is I do not have a spot to store a hardshell kayak. I may look at just getting a cheap inflatable kayak.

Also, I would prefer to stay dry and don't see many inflatable pontoons that are available.

Thanks for help!
they sell the foam blocks now for under kayaks like the do for canoes.
I know you are looking for something with two seats, but if one will do, I saw this on

Can't speak for it, myself. But if you must buy something inflatable, it looks more sturdy than the BPS link. Plus, free shipping & no duty.

Or buy a real kayak & check out this transport system available at Mountain Equipment Co-op:

Besides fitting on most rack system, it also says " It also has a non-skid, anti-slip bottom intended for use on vehicles without racks."
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Ayy thanks folks.

My issues with a hardshell is not ony transportation but storage.

I am almost decided and am leaning towards a Sea Eagle SE 370 Pro - shipped to the US (family)

Eventually I may also add a rod holder (glue-on mount)

Out of your price range but I fish with this all the time. Use the pedal power and troll or I can paddle. I've brought it to Cuba and did well with there. I keep it semi-inflated and stuff it into my car. A few pumps and she is ready.

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Thanks Scuro, A little out of my price range but thank you.

I've decided to go with the SE 270 Pro because it can seat 2 (may be a bit tight) - but Can also work for 1.

Decided to order the rod holder / glue-on mount, and glue-on paddle mounts.

Can't wait to be fishing out on the water!
I took one of these for a spin on a mountain lake back on Memorial Day Weekend and completely fell for it. Portability, on-water mobility— what’s not to love?

I’ve been looking at the Bote Zeppelin, but I’m thinking it might not fit in my camper door (laziness and fatigue are keeping me from verifying that…)kayak fishing net. I’d like to know what else is out there.

My preferences are durability and quality, and I’m willing to pay for those. My skill level is beginner, and all I really want to do with one is dawdle around a lake, maybe some mild white water.

Give me some ideas.
We have an Intex inflatable and love it: Intex Excursion Pro. It has rod holders, feels very stable, is comfortable, and easy to fill and deflate (60 pumps with the easy to use pump). We bought it on Amazon and unlike most things these days, it doesn't look like the price has gone up since we bought ours two years ago.
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