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Ice Fishing 2022

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There ias 6 in of ice on Meadow yesterday and the bite was on. Cold hands fishing for all. Many limits:)
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Called the county today and asked why the parking lot not plowed at Meadow:rolleyes: ooops they didn't realized it needed to be!!!! They do know. The HWWA use to work with DOT and it was plowed no problem.Will be heading out this week after the rain.
Finally made it to meadow this afternoon.10 person on the ice parking lot plowed. Hit the ice at 3:15pm. Walked out to the deep spot infront of the path, a fellow fisher was out there having no luck. I took out the sonar and put it in a 6 in and swithed it on.29 ft of water targets at 10 to 12ft and 23ft. loaded the 3 hook rig different power baits dropped it down to 10ft set it in the rood holdler. Fish on! I coudn't put the rod down with out hits or hook ups, then i would loose it durning the fight. my first solid look up ws 10in then a minute later I hooked up and the fish had its way with me for 5min, finally got it to the hole it hooked up on the sonar pulled it out an a 18in on it reached for and as i toyuched it it flopped of and 1 move back down the hole:oops: Two hook ups later had another good battle and moved the sonar out of the way earlier and. landed 14 in on the ice.This went on till 4:30 when part of my 12floro carbon leader broke on a fish:( an then it really shut down. Ps there was10 other when i got there but I seemed to be the only one hooking up that much. I gave my spot to a fellow fisher and he had a few hits i went to the other hole and hooked up right away.One thing I was doing was measureing on 10ft down and hiiting that depth ever time.. Funny thing if you held the rod they wouln't bite, put in the holder and 10sec to a hit, or just lift the line with your finger and drop itand they would hit it. Also you had to watch the tip all the time for a hit, they were hitting the baits very lite. Fun Afternoon.
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Where is the meadow? I'm dying to go ice fishing.
There ias 6 in of ice on Meadow yesterday and the bite was on. Cold hands fishing for all. Many limits:)
If u don't mind me asking, where is the meadow at?
Dying to go ice fishing!
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