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I Looking For Numbers Of Perch

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I am looking for a small lake that has lots of perch I want to take my kids fishing where we can catch lots not worried about size
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I've seen some Perch in Albro! I'm not sure how many, but the booklet says this:
White Perch and Yellow Perch are in all of the following, except Fish Lake which is only listed for White Perch.
Morris Lake, Russel Lake, Grand Lake (Shubenacadie), Fish Lake*, Bissett Lake, Powder Mill Lake, Micmac Lake, Red Bridge Pond, Beaver Bank Lake, Beaver Pond (near Kinsac Lake), Kinsac Lake, Lake Egmont.
Those are the Halifax listed ones.
Once the lakes down Antigonish start warming up the white perch are crazy biting.Cameron,Gillis Lake down Antigonish are Great.If you want to fish Pictou County then I would suggest the Middle River.Once that water warms up lots there as well as bass.
William Lake off of "Wyndrock" road in the Herring Cove area has tons of perch. There's a small "Island" you can walk to which is good, just off the road to the right. Or you can fish the small Lake to the left called Cunard pond. Easy access from the beach as well as from the road, and lots of perch.
Thanks guys, I grew up in ontario so catching lots of fish was easy as a kid with a worm and a float jusr want my kids to do the same
Bell Lake and Settle Lake in Dartmouth are not mentioned in the list. Though they are less than a half mile apart, they do not connect and Bell is full of yellow perch but no white, and Settle has the whites and no yellows. You can fish along the shore of Bell just beyond the fence around the Abenaki Canoe Club (access off Swanton) and I've caught some over 12 inches though mostly small worm stealers. You can catch 25-30 in an hour some nights which is great for kids. Settle is roomier as the beach area is a municipal park with grass,etc. Fish right off the beach (access from Circassion or Lapierre) You want a west/southwest type wind, and go in the early to late afternoon-evening. Quite plentiful though small (5-6 inches) , although some nights nothing for whatever reason. Both lakes get little fishing.
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Second Lake Provincial Park has numerous white and yellow perch
Looking for Perch, Well My uncle did perch in last year & near Lake Monroe & when I asked him for any another suggestion for Perch he told me Lake Harney & Lake Talquin.

So can look at Lake Harney & Lake Talquin !
Kinda far to go for an evenings fish from Nova Scotia.
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