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Hey all!

I've got a trip planned for Sunday, a few friends and I, but I haven't decided where to fish yet!
We are going to go after Mackerel, with a side of flounder/groundfish if possible. We are going to be fishing from shore, and are located in Halifax. We have the ability to travel about as far as Peggys Cove, or an equal distance in the other direction.

My idea of the ideal spot for this trip, is somewhere that will "reliably" (has been producing macks in the last few days/weeks) produce some mackerel, and also has Ground fish available in case the mackerel aren't biting, or we just get tired of macks and want something different to eat. A spot that has awesome groundfishing, and a fair chance of macks would also be acceptable.

I used to like fishing the "narrows" at eastern passage as an example of a spot like this. It would produce Macks and Herring, but will also produce flounder because of the sandy bottom. I've decided that EP is too close to the Harbour for comfort these days when it comes to eating ground fish though... I believe they might have accumulated toxins living there, especially with the uninterrupted flow of raw sewage over the past year or so!

Catching a ton of macks would be the best outcome of course, but the most important thing is that we catch at least some good tasty fish! Don't want to end up with just pollock or wharf perch!

Any help with some good locations greatly appreciated, and I will log in and provide a complete report of my trip when we return!

Mike A
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