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Fish Species In The Bras D'or Lakes?

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I'm heading up to cape Breton for 3 weeks working and I'll be right by the bras d'or lakes so i said what the hell, may as well take a couple rods with me, I was just wondering what species were in there so I could take the right gear. It's a long trip to mount unicake from there so I don't want to forget anything lol
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Brook trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, salmon, cod, flounder, blueback herring, gaspereau, smelt, eels, to name a few. The record striped bass was also caught in the Bras D'Or Lake weighing over 50lbs, but they are rare. There are good populations of all three trout species in the lake, and some real monsters too. There is lots of good fishing close to Baddeck. Baddeck River and Middle River run into the lake there, Lake Ainslie and the Margaree River are also within an hour's drive. Lake Ainslie has a growing population of smallmouth bass along with some large trout, and the Margaree has world class Atlantic Salmon fishing.

Anyway, I hope this helps a little. The Bras D'Or Lake is a great place for fishing. Good Luck.
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BTW, I kind of centered around Baddeck because I remembered reading in one of your recent posts that you were going there. I just noticed now that you hadn't mentioned Baddeck in this post. If you are going elsewhere, give the location and someone may be able to help you further.
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