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Cogmagun Pond (Lily Lake)

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Just wondering if anyone knows if the ice is off Cogmagun Pond (Lily Lake) yet. I was thinking about trying there for Pickerel on day 1 of the season.

Thanks B)
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Got To Fish the beaver pond today. had to look for the fish a friend Darcy and i hit a school of then . first cast a big boy cut me off, Then for the next 3.5hrs it was like the sping time a hit right on shore almost every time on the plastic weedless worms. The water was up 2ft from last week and we fished it in the very early am in the fog after a heavy rain the day before. Great fishing till the sun came out.Had two more big boys up to the boat at the end. Landed about 60 each. Fun Am.
Made it onto the beaverpond for a 4 hour very early am on a smoky hazy morn on a dead calm. Fished the whole pond alot more weed growth. fishing was a little slower than last time with a pie of leader bite offs We landed 60plus each but covered alot more water. Came home unhooked to a hazy blue sky.had to take my daughter to a windor appointment as she came out the black mass appeared in the sky to the south spitting constant lighting. I out ran it to get home and unhook the chargers on the boat and batton down the hatches. Then it hito_OLets just say it was a new meaning for rain.Alot of water came down in this area and Windsor and area were under 3 in of water for a while.
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WELL LAST TUEDAY MYSELF AND FRIEND DARCY TRIED A LITTLE of wader fishing in the Beaverpond. Both hooked up on 40 or more fish. were catching some right between ourselves.Nice snny am 15 degrees c
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Yesterday was ice out on the lake. It was still piled up on the shore. I tried a white flute but no hits just follows. switched up to a big chunky 7 in worm bouncing of of bottom. That was there speed and had 6 on plus two landed, Nice sized14 in.
2 days ago myself a nd frien Darcy fished the beaverpond from 6:30am to 11:15 hooked over 60 a piece all hammer handles except the 2fter that bit me off at the boat. I was using grulging death in leapord frog. Most were on this 6n worms then a 4in. Out futher in the pockets. Not much but tiny ones on shore. alot of top water action. Fun Am.
Beaverpond is open all along the road side as far as you can cast. This is a 365 day open lake.
Cogmagun ,West Hants County Beaverpond RD. They call it Lilly lake on the map
I figured out Cogmagun pond and Lily Lake but the third name threw me. 😀
Was there this Pm today The fish and I had something in Common Get out of the wind. It was like shooting fish in a barrel were the boat launch is. There were two too three after the same worm or top water rapalas lip cut off.:cool: Came home with fishy hands.
Made Another trip to the Beaverpond lake yesterday from 2:30 to 4:30 Not much up in the lea due to the ducks and geese hitting the shore line. a few follow to my rod tip. Went back down to the boat launch game on with10 follows and 2strikes on a worm the zoom flute rigged pickerel, fish on. Never had to touch one but they would hit in 4in of water by my feet. Pick them up and they would fall off.Cast out and more would follow in.Must be warmer down there and I wished for my boat and cast into shore, it would have been no miss on that side of the pond.
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