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Cogmagun Pond (Lily Lake)

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Just wondering if anyone knows if the ice is off Cogmagun Pond (Lily Lake) yet. I was thinking about trying there for Pickerel on day 1 of the season.

Thanks B)
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Why wait for day 1 its open year round. Will try to take a look pm 30th
Just happens to be on my day off this year.
Never got down that far today , All the ponds down in the pit are open so I would bet that Beaver Pond is.
Fished the Beaver pond last Afternoon evening, Landed 4 had about 14 hits. All mine were on top water raps and buzz baits 4ft from shore.
Is this a suitable place to launch a small 10'3" plastic boat?
Last time I was out there many years ago the boat launch was rough, it's just a path of the side of the road, who knows what kind of shape it's in now. But I caught a ton of pickerel out of the lake through the summer, was one of my favourite spots when I lived out in Uniacke.
I'll be launching a 169 bass pro there on Fri evening, launch was fixed up 6 yeare ago by the HWWA and it was dug out in the front .Will be there around 5pm to see.
My daughter (youngest] and I took the 169 without the main motor and some minnows. We both finished with 35 hammer handles each. Her first time out in years and had fun with dad :D
Is this the Lily lake across the road (#1) from Piggot lake?
No the lake there talkin about is on cogmagun it's not to far off the Walton woods rd
Had 3 boys and myself on the Beaverpond in the 169 bass pro on Sun Evening 9 to 14 y of age the wind was a pain and the fish were suspended at 3ft, Had to drift with the wind with live minnow and picked up 25 picks and I caught a big white perch in 4 hr. Then rip upwind doing power turns and figure 8s in the middle. Then back to fishing They had a blast!
Great little pond to fish in,live just down the road.Pickeral can be caught ther pretty much anytime of day on pretty much anything u choose,they arent a fussy fish lol.Just walk the shoreline casting into the reeds if u dont have access to a boat.We picked up a few huge smallmouth there two weekends ago,3-4lb ish each.....Its great place to take kids!! What is a 169 pro bass lol
The 169 in a Prince Craft 169 Bass pro 17ft 60 Evenrude 3 stroke. Was in storage for 2 years, Getting all the systems working again bought it in 1996 it was taking seconds to go from one end to the other.Next week panuke.
There is no water in panuke,and nice boat....i just purchased a prinncecraft myself,superior quality.Ive never heard of a 3 stroke before though:)
Fished the Beaverpond last evening for 3.5 hrs. Heard one muzzleloader shot, many shotgun blasts a large flock of geese did fly bys and hook a large number of picky on a perfectly still evening. all 14 to10 in. First time ever used power setting 1 on the trolling motor. All on a white flute top water retrieve. For every one I landed one got off at the boat. Totally alone on a mirror till dusk Oct 1 70 degrees at 4:30pm What a Blast :D
Was out for the last time with the boat again on the Beaverpond this am with the 9year old next door, he showed up at 8am in the fog as I was hooking up the boat. another great day , It was a dead calm again and the flute worked again as well as top water. Showed the young lad how to use the gear and he caught fish on it(Heddon torpedo} lipless raps and the flutes. Now he wants to deer hunt with me.
Why wait for day 1 its open year round. Will try to take a look pm 30th
Right... there is no sense for waiting. Just go ahead :lol:
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