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Clams New Minas Basin

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Just wondering if there is a time when you can dig clams in the New Minas basin? The DFO shellfish map is always red. Is this actually up to date? Tried calling DFO but it was very painful experience haha
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CHA-1 is where I think you are referring to. In the past years the regs are: softshell clams must be at least 44mm long, and only 100 per person allowed. Open season May 1-Oct 31. Good info---> Shellfish and Invertebrates

Openings and closings can occur at any time, as ongoing testing is done periodically. Updates can be researched here --->

The clam map, I find, is kept up to date. The solid red means no dig. The red slash lines means some clams are closed, others open. Click in the slash zone and a box will appear stating whats open, whats closed.

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