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Cape Breton Mackerel Fishing

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Hello There,

I will be visiting Port Hawkesbury this summer, wanted to get somethings setup before i come.

I currently know of only 2 mackerel fishing spots near cape breton, but they tend to be busy most of the times.

1. Port Hawkesbury Wharf
2. Canso Causeway

I was wondering if there is any other spots that you may know of.

Deven Prasad
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When they are running, it should be good anywhere you can access saltwater on in coming tides, as well its worth trying any tide near dawn or dusk.
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causeway is the best but like you said its usually busy, but any wharf thats public will do fine.
Years ago, caught some from the sandbar side at the Englishtown ferry.
If your inland try the St. Peters Canal, Louisburg near any of the Snow Crab Plants on the west side of the Harbour, Glace Bay Wharf, Englishtown, near any of the Snow Crab Plants in Auld's Cove and Petit De Grat - Isle Madame.
When and where is the mackeral running in Cape Breton ???
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