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Hey Gang:

In approximately 4 weeks I'm making my first trip out east. Coming along with me (in no particular order) is my 4 wt, 6 wt, 8 wt and 8/9 wt two-hander. Oh yeah the wife and kidlets are coming as well

To say that I'm looking forward to this trip is a huge understatement. For our first 5 days we're staying in Dartmouth followed by a week in Saint John, NB. I was hoping to maybe get a Sea Run and a Striper on the fly. Are there any fly fish opps in and around Dartmouth? It can be fresh or saltwater. I saw a post regarding mackerel... do they hit flies? I'm also thinking of hitting up maybe the Liscombe and God knows what else. Man... I can't wait.

If my wife's boss is gracious with scheduling I'll be leaving two days early on the 26th right after the Grand River Spey Clave. I can practically smell the salt already.

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