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I am about to start building fishing machine similar to the one that I used for years in Florida and thought I'd run it by ya'll to get your thoughts.
I am starting with a 15ft. coleman(square stern) scanoe powered by a 3 or 4 hp Johnson. I plan to re-configure the seating to low center of gravity swivle buckets and move the front one back a foot or so to give me a little more room to operate a bow mounted electric trolling motor.
I would also like to attach an anchor on a pully that can be deployed from the same seat.Or not.
This set-up worked great for me in the past.(salt or fresh)I would use the gas engine from the rear seat to get me there and then move up front to fish.
Any ideas?
I already have the scanoe and gas motor.
March 21 I now have the trolling motor and will start to put it all together.
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