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Boat Trailer Registration With No Papers

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Hi. I just purchased a used boat trailer. The previous owner just used it on his property and doesn't have any registration papers for it. I went to the Registry Of Motor Vehicles and thought this would not be a problem. I thought I'd just get a VIN number to put on the I did my homemade trailer. This did not happen. Apparently there is nothing they can do to register this boat trailer without the proper papers! Crazy! Has anyone ran into a similar situation? How did you get it registered? Any help will be appriciated!
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Try again and just say it's homemade.
Sometimes different tellers are more helpful than others.
Yup ,,mine was the same thing ,,it had never been registered,, should be no problem
OK. So tell them it's a homemade trailer? I have done this before with a trailer a built a few years ago. They give you a VIN plate to put on your trailer along with a contact the RCMP to come check it, then they fill out the take it back to Registry Of Motor Vehicles and they issue your plate? Then it's off to get MVI? Or is it MVI first then registration? Has the RCMP ever questioned if it was homemade or not? Thanks for all your help!
If the RCMP question about it being homemade - tell them it was not road worthy and you rebuilt it.. which i am sure you did :) I have done this with a utility trailer and a boat trailer,, it is a pain to have to do all the running around but thats what it takes ..LOL
Perfect. Thanks for the help!
Got my VIN for my boat trailer! Thanks again!
Let me know where you get your MVU done I have having a hard time find someone to do mine close to home.. you do the MVI after you get your plates :)
No problem. I'll let you know. One question, do you need front side yellow marker lights on a boat trailer?
when you go for an MVI now lights are not inspected,, it is the responsibilty of the owner,, as for side marker lights I have them on the boat trailer (came that way) but none on the utility trailer.. Princess auto sells alight kit with them included
Interesting about the lights not being inspected. Is this a recent change? I have an appointment at Canadian Tire in Bridgewater on Saturday for the MVI. The guy said just drop in anytime between 8AM and 5PM to get it done. No appointment needed. I picked up a set of submersible trailer lights at Princess Auto that came with the side marker lights. All installed and ready to go. Thanks for the help.
I was told by a friend that owns a travel trailer business that when they switched ovre to the 2 year inspection they changed the requirement for lights ,, they are required but not inspected as they are the owners responsibility, so if they go to check your lights tell them its not needed :).. not easy to get an inspection here in my area of Dartmouth ,, I will eventually find some one .
Apparently, if the trailer was inspected the previous time, the lights aren't checked. Mine didn't have any sticker on it, so my lights were inspected. Trailer is now good to go! Thanks again.

PS - I suspect any Canadian Tire in Dartmouth can do trailer inspections.
Can the boat still be on the trailer when it is being inspected?
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