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August Valley White Perch

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Hi all, been pounding a few new lakes the lakes around here since Gaspereau Lake is so low; I got tired of replacing shear pins :^).

I've been on the hunt for some perch, primarily white perch as the yellow are just too small to be worth filleting, all I seem to be coming up with are small bass.

I know dusk is the best time and downsized jigs on u/l gear is the prime way but I had a few questions as I haven't caught any of these in over 35+ years when I was young at Alpena Dam off #10.

-What are the best flies to use for them?

-Where to find them especially this time of year? In the shallows or in deep holes?

-Do they seem to prefer a certain type of weather?

- Are there certain lakes in my area (Kentville) that are better than others especially this time of year?

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Thanks Lobsterfisher1. I tried DC several times but caught nothing but 8"-10" smallies. They were boiling on the surface and taking anything I chucked just before dusk. Ironically, I had better fishing from the point near the launch than I did in my boat. Perhaps I'm targeting the wrong spots? Same with Lumsden, just smallies. Haven't figured a spot to launch at LRL that doesn't get me in trouble, but just smalls and chains there, at least they were a bit bigger tho.
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