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Anyone Know Of An Easy Access Lake That Holds Larger Yellow Perch?

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I'm looking to catch some large Yellow Perch this year and although I usually C&R everything, I'd quite like to get a few larger perch for the table. Anyone willing to tip me off to an easy access body of water within 30mins of HRM that can be shore fished.

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If you go to the end of wright Lake run in Westwood hills you will see a trial wright before the two new houses being built. Go down the trail then across the dam. About 40-50 meter after the dam you will see a trail that goes down to the left side of the road and one right across that goes down to the water holding behind dam. You wan't to take the trail on the left that goes down to the river from dam and pond and where it dumps in the pond its real good fishing. Also that pond is real good with a Kayak but you will need friend to carry it down there. There's good size trout, perch and bass in there!

Happy Fishing!
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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