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22 Fishing Videos (VHS)

JAWS collectors edition - a classic!

A River Runs Through It - best fishing movie every made!

The Old Man and the Sea - Hemmingway - brilliant stuff

11 In-Fisherman videos (there are very well produced videos - covers species biology, gear, tactics - nicely shot)
-Flyfishing for Pike
-Northern Pike
-Giant Pike of North America
-Greatest Muskie video Ever
-Musky Mechanics
-Big Fish Only
-Trophy Lake Trout Tactics
-Stream Trout

The last 8 videos are basically television episodes on-tape - nothing special.
4 Canadian Sportfishing Videos (Brown Trout, Largemouth Bass, Steelhead, and a "Best Of"))
1 Bob Izumi video
3 Fishing Canada videos (box set - basically TV episodes)

20$ take's 'em all!

-Dave (Halifax)
[email protected]
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