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Hey guys,

Selling an 11' 8 wt st croix switch fly rod set up that I bought last year ( lifetime warranty ) with lamson reel ( also lifetime warranty ) I also have a custom made scandit fly line I purchased through Bob Meiser which is made for the rod weight and has no memory and is salt water safe. Also converts from Scandi to Skagit through a leader/extension that comes with it as well as custom sinking tips. The rod also comes with 3 other fly lines but they aren't custom. Rod and reel is obviously in great shape. I just find that I may have jumped into too early with buying this one because it's too heavy for what I fish. $450 takes it all. Rod, case, custom scandit line and shooting line. A bunch of leaders and other lines for the rod. As well as a bunch of t14 sinking tip ( 30' or so ) And again, the rod and reel are lifetime warranty. If you want to learn how to spey cast, this is your package.


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