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  1. Saltwater Species
    I know there are lots of macks, pollock and cod but what other species are fishable in St Margrets Bay? Also for the other species what kind of rigs, tackle, bait or lures work best and what season is ideal. thanks, D :rolleyes:
  2. General Fishing Questions
    Hey all, Came across a contest on the WFN site offering a $1000 Shimano shopping spree. If anyone wants to enter, here's the link:
  3. General Fishing Questions
    Hey gang, Heading back to Cape Breton for a visit. Been almost 15 years since I was there except for a couple of funerals. Anyone know of any fishing shops I can check out while I'm there? I'll be mostly in Ingonish but will also visit Sydney and do a general drive around the Cabot Trail. Thanks.
  4. Gone Fishing
    Hey gang, I was watching a show called Fishing Adventures and the host Cyril something or other showed a guy a trick to get hung-up lures unsnagged. He tightened the tension and lifted the rod so there was a nice bow to it, then took the line in his fingers between the reel & first guide and...
  5. General Fishing Questions
    Hey gang, I saw this Rapala Avantis baitcast combo on sale online for halfprice. I've never used a baitcast reel before but I'm tempted. Anyone know if it's a good combo? Also the sale is only for left-handed retrieve. Is this a big deal when baitcasting? I'm a righty but always retrieve my...
  6. General Fishing Questions
    I have a 9 ft penn rod and reel for sale like new only owned it for about a month and just need the cash cost me 150 plus 25 for the line on it 25lb test mono....Looking for $100 have some smaller rods and reels for sale as well. Hate to sell my bet rod but bills are a little more important it...
  7. Fly Fishing
    Hi everyone. Just a question on gear from a newby starting up in fly fishing. I've geared up with a clearance from the TFO website: a nice Lefty Kreh signature series 4 piece 6 wt & Prism II reel. Also thought a backup would be useful and got the Amundson Top Mountain outfit combo from...
  8. Gone Fishing
    I didn't make it to the Outdoor Sports and RV show but I got a text message from a friend who did and he tells me there is a new Outdoor Sports Store (Fishing/Hunting) to open the end of March in Dartmouth near or in burnside. Can anyone verify, anybody have an address, store name or opening...
1-8 of 8 Results