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  1. Salmon Fishing
    Hello everyone, I am writing because I am taking over an Atlantic Salmon research project, primarily focused on the Inner Bay of Fundy (IBoF) population and am looking for info from fishermen. The main area I would like some help with is reports on Salmon in the Stewiacke, East River Pictou...
  2. Trout Fishing
    My old man and I are planning to go out to the Stewiacke River one of these nights and try to catch a couple of brown trout. I know they get pretty big, and the fly rods we have between the two of us are two 9wt rods that we use for salmon fishing and one 5wt rod for brookies/shad. I'm wondering...
  3. DerbyPic2016

    6th Annual Shubenacacadie First Nation Striped Bass Derby May 7, 2016 HWY 2 Stewiacke
  4. Striped Bass Fishing
    Hello everyone, It is almost that time of the year. Once again we are looking for stories, pics and adventures this year on the rivers. Have fun, be safe, take a kid fishing and enjoy the outdoors. I will be posting tide times (approx) for Stewiacke and Shubie along with confirmed and...
  5. Landsdown Brown

    Nice brown caught last week on a 3 foot wide run, about ten inches deep. Sunny as hell , 3 pm in the afternoon. Was shocked to hook into this guy under poor ( poor for browns ) weather conditions on a 30 degree day.
1-5 of 5 Results