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  1. Saltwater Species
    I know there are lots of macks, pollock and cod but what other species are fishable in St Margrets Bay? Also for the other species what kind of rigs, tackle, bait or lures work best and what season is ideal. thanks, D :rolleyes:
  2. photo

    Is this an eel? I caught him on my mackerel rig last night. If it is an eel, is it the edible kind?
  3. Saltwater Species
    I've started this topic for those who fish the South Eastern Shores of Nova Scotia. I have recently moved to Mahone Bay and wanting to get in to saltwater fishing. I am hoping to generate discussion on where to go, what species to catch, and any other tips, advice, or discussion on fishing along...
  4. Lakes & Ponds
    Has anyone been on, or fished Fox Point Lake? I am curious to find a decent lake that may be a good spot to buy property. Any feedback is welcome. Chase
1-4 of 4 Results