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  1. Smallmouth Fishing
    Just found out some unpleasant news from a local bass angler. It appears that a salmon club has decided to exterminate all the bass from the two small lakes on the LaHave river. He told me that they started last year and it's still ongoing in Wentzells. I figured something was wrong since we...
  2. Gone Fishing
    Does anyone know of any good Small Mouth Bass fishing spots all around Nova Scotia? I am in the Pictou County area and I know of a couple spots, but I am looking to fish some new spots. I only catch and release Smallies, so don't worry about me plucking any fish from your sweet spots haha Thanks
  3. Smallmouth Fishing
    I have had some luck using a topwater popper. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with a zara spook fished with a walking the dog technique.
  4. Bass

  5. Smallmouth Fishing
    So here is my question? What really is (or can be) the Smallmouth Bass Strike Zone? I know what a strike zone is, and I know it can vary, and how it varies depends? What I am asking is what is say the minimum size of the strike zone, what would be the maximum size, and its position relative to...
  6. FLakeSmallie

    caught in 25+ ft on a super duper while waiting for a trout, big surprise.
  7. Smallmouth Fishing
    I'm wondering if anyone knows of some good rivers for fishing smallmouth bass in Nova Scotia. I just moved back to Halifax after years in Western Canada. I've had a lot of fun on NB's Saint John River system (tributaries as opposed to the Saint John itself) and I'm wondering if there are any...
  8. Smallmouth Fishing
    Looking for some advice on decent smallmouth lakes near Dalhousie, NS or Forties Road area near New Ross. Looking to take some friends fishing in that area the coming weekend and want to show them a good time. Not necessarily concerned with lunkers but abundance of bass preferred. Hoping to find...
  9. Smallmouth Fishing
    Hey all, looking to try some soft plastic baits this summer. Until now I have been very faithful to my crankbaits, spinners and spoons but you can only ignore the success of others so long. Any tips on what types to try and how to rig and fish them would be great as well as any really good areas...
  10. General Fishing Questions
    Hey just wondering if anyone has done any fishing in the Habitant river in the Canning area. I literally live 200m from the water's edge across from the picnic park in Canning. I have been wondering if it is worth trying as I have not seen a single person fishing along the river, but being close...
  11. Chain Pickerel
    Just looking for some advice, I dont have a boat and have just moved from Truro to an appartment in Canning so have nowhere to keep my kayak. Can anyone give me some good spots to fish for pickerel and smallmouth from shore around lake george and lake paul. Went to both last week, at paul I was...
1-11 of 11 Results