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  1. General Fishing Questions
    Hey all Wonder if anybody could point me in the direction of a lake campsite that has decent smallmouth fishing so i can make a plan to go Thanks Josh
  2. General Fishing Questions
    Anybody having any luck in McGrath Lake yet? I've been going out every couple of days at various times & conditions but not a single bite yet. Last year a caught quite a few smallmouth bass and a few 3-foot eels up until the end of August.
  3. Sept 14, 2013

    Fishing with my girl Using black with blue fleck senko wacky rigged
  4. Sept 14, 2013 SMB

    Fishing with my girl Using black with blue fleck senko wacky rigged
  5. Smallmouth Fishing
    Got out fishing in the HRM with a few friends, wish I had of caught a few more fish on the fly rod, but its okay. I did have a 25+ inch pickerel bite me off after crushing a Heddon Zara-Spook, what a thrill!
  6. General Fishing Questions
    I was looking at the tournament schedule for Grand Lake and I see there are a couple coming up and I was wondering how somebody would enter into one of these tournaments? Also what some of the requirements (fees, reg's) would be. I understand they are run by the different Bass Associations in NS...
  7. Smallmouth Fishing
    I'm wondering if anyone knows of some good rivers for fishing smallmouth bass in Nova Scotia. I just moved back to Halifax after years in Western Canada. I've had a lot of fun on NB's Saint John River system (tributaries as opposed to the Saint John itself) and I'm wondering if there are any...
  8. Smallmouth Fishing
    Does anyone know of a good bass lake that contains lots of big ones, but no pickerel...I frequent bissett lake and morris lake and am looking for something with a lil more bass and a lot less pickerel. Was on bissett today, caught 15 fish. 14 were pickerel
  9. Smallmouth Fishing
    Hey all, looking to try some soft plastic baits this summer. Until now I have been very faithful to my crankbaits, spinners and spoons but you can only ignore the success of others so long. Any tips on what types to try and how to rig and fish them would be great as well as any really good areas...
  10. Chain Pickerel
    Hi, I normally fish the Beaverbank side of Kinsac in the back part of the lake. Are there any good spots for Chain Pickerels on the Fall River end that are easily accessible by kayak. What amout SMB? Are there any weedbeds or pads on that end? I'd like to give it a try. Thanks in advance.
1-10 of 10 Results