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  1. General Fishing Questions
    Hello everyone! Happy new year! I just moved from Ontario to NS. Would you know good places to fish from a Kayak near Bedford? Love smallmouth fishing! I do BFS fishing for almost any fish species. Catch & Release! Thanks
  2. Smallmouth Fishing
    Hello all, I am seeking some advise or just shared experience about hook/catch ratio for SMB. I was out yesterday and had a horrible ratio (I'd assume 25% - all 7-9" range). I'm using (and admittedly new to) the Texas rig system. I used senko warms, flukes, etc. (with size 4 ewg hooks), and...
  3. Smallmouth Fishing
    I am trying to find a retirement home on a lake near HRM with small mouth bass. Has anyone got any info or experience on Lake Echo?
  4. Smallmouth Fishing
    tryin to get out more this month after the hurricanes and the rain, but are finding the big hogs are starting to feed steady.
1-4 of 4 Results