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  1. General Fishing Questions
    I'm going up to Windsor for a weeding in early June. Looks like a good spot to fish from what I can see on google map. I've never been there before though. Is it worth booking an extra night at the hotel to get some fishing in? I'm open to any type of fishing. Any suggestions on spots to fish...
  2. General Fishing Questions
    I love to eat shad fish. Looking for some shad fish. If anyone wnats give me or if I can buy shad fish I will be happy. If someone wants to give away shad fish please let me know. I can pick up the fish, If you can tell me the location. Also if you want to give me the the location where you want...
  3. Shad Fishing
    Hey, I work for a local television production company, Arcadia Content. We're filming a 12x 30mins wildlife series on east coast wildlife in 4K resolution(essentially 4xHD). We want to feature Shad as one of our episodes. I would be very appreciative to the local shad fishing community if you...
  4. Shad Fishing
    I am starting Shad fishing for 2015 while I am waiting and preparing my gear. Last year, I was using 1/64oz shad darts and flies with good results. -- dom
  5. Spinning/Bait casting Fishing
    So aside from the price difference between Bass Pro shop's brand (34 for $7.99) : ( and the official Zoom Super Fluke (10 for $3.29)...
1-5 of 5 Results