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  1. Salmon Fishing
    Hello everyone, I am writing because I am taking over an Atlantic Salmon research project, primarily focused on the Inner Bay of Fundy (IBoF) population and am looking for info from fishermen. The main area I would like some help with is reports on Salmon in the Stewiacke, East River Pictou...
  2. General Fishing Questions
    Hello, My wife might be moving to Tatamagouche for work next year, and I'm wondering what the fishing is like in Tatamagouche and the nearby area? We have just come back from a quick trip to Tatamagouche, and it's a beautiful area! From what I have read here and there, there is some pretty...
  3. Maritime Outdoorsman Podcast
    In this episode of The Maritime Outdoorsman, Dave talks with longtime friend Mike Crosby. Listen as Mike not only recounts his love of fly fishing, but also shares with us his account of catching a massive 60+ pound Atlantic Salmon on the Restigouche River, New Brunswick, in 1988. Mike also...
  4. Conservation
    Hi all. I received this notice by email from my good friend Mike Crosby and wanted to share it with you. Details on this event can also be found on Facebook under "Aquaculture Reform Press Conference & Rally" -------------- Hi Everyone: We and the salmon need your support for an hour...
  5. General Fishing Questions
    Hey all, I'm wondering what sort of lures are used for salmon during the regular season (what prey do they usually feed on)? Also, would the same lures be as good during this time of year? Thanks
  6. Salmon Fishing
    Can our strength in numbers opinion matter?Do you believe the threads proposal could effect NS salmon fishing in the futureI believe this proposal would jumpstart the catch and release salmon license150.00%I believe this proposal would jumpstart dialogue about a catch and release license00.00%I...
  7. Fund Raising News & Events
    Hello Everyone, We're inviting you to attend the Sackville Rivers Associations 11th annual dinner and auction on Friday, September 12, 2014 from 6:00pm - 10:00pm with Jayson Baxter of CTV News being the MC. For only $30 per ticket you will receive a smoked salmon reception, followed by a...
  8. Salmon Fishing
  9. Eastern Shore Mayfly (Black Quill)

    I think I finally perfected the Eastern Shore Mayfly, also known as the Black Quill. To "match the hatch", I used this recipe: Hook - #14 Mustad dry Tail - dark grey dun Body - stripped peacock herl, lacquered Wing - drake Wood Duck flank, split Hackle - Whiting Pro Grade dark grey dun Thread - 8
  10. Accidental Catch

    Accidentally hooked this small salmon in the lake while fishing for stripers, gave a good fight, took a picture and put it back unharmed. I had no idea there were still salmon in the canal system.
  11. Very small brook trout

    I believe this is one of the smallest brook trout I have ever had in my hands (and I have relatively small hands). I think it was right around 3 inches. Caught yesterday by my son in a small brook. It was quickly followed by a 6 incher. Both were released to grow another day of course.
  12. Salmon Fishing
    Hello, I'm new to the world of Atlantic Salmon fishing and would really like to test my luck this coming spring. I know it's still early and the season just ended but I thought I'd ask some advice for those with it fresh in their minds. I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice. What to do...
  13. Gone Fishing
    Had the day off work and shit weather stopped me from fishing so I thought I would do some history browsing on the NS archives when I cam across this gem, a hunting and fishing guide to Nova Scotia from 1909. The link I posted brings you right to the start of the fishing section but do to page...
  14. Salmon Fishing
    WHY DOES OUR GOVERNMENT ALLOW NON RESIDENT HUNTERS AND FISHERMEN TO HUNT AND FISH WITHOUT LICENSED NS GUIDES? Hi all, I am an avid NS salmon angler who does not hold a guide license from any province! Good fortune and resources have allowed me to enjoy fishing in many provinces of Canada. I...
  15. General Fishing Questions
    Hello, I've been looking into buying a peice of riverfront land and am checking a place out along the Gold River off of Chester. I've spoken to the person selling it and this is thier description of the spot. "This property is 15 acres located right on General's Pool. Little Cumberland and Big...
  16. Gone Fishing
    The Species ar Risk conference and Workshop?!? http://www.merseytob...ce-sar-2013.php check out the website and register
1-20 of 24 Results