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  1. General Fishing Questions
    Hi everyone, I enjoy saltwater fishing from shore. Does anyone know of any online maps that show where sandbars are located around the shore. Google Maps are great for finding fishing spots to try and Windfinder is great for determining wind direction before heading out, but I can’t find any...
  2. General Fishing Questions
    Looking to puchase 100 mackerel for food. Anyone catching?
  3. Saltwater Species
    I thought there was a 2017 thread already, but I cannot seem to find it. So, this time a couple years back I was catching these at Boutilier's Point, I did not get out last year when they were running, but I am wondering if anyone has had any luck?
  4. Saltwater Species
    Hey wondering if anyone could give me some tips on finding a more quiet spot to fish for mackerel from shore in the halifax/arm area. Lately I've been on docks/piers and they've been getting more and more crowded since the weather warmed up. I've been considering Point Pleasant Park, but I'm...
  5. Saltwater Species
    So normally when I drive past Deep Cove, there is ALWAYS 2-6 cars parked, no matter what time of day, and people are fishing for either mackerel or squid. Recently (past month) they decided to cut down all of the trees that are between the the road barrier, and the rocks which lead towards the...
  6. Saltwater Species
    Hi there, I am looking for some advice for mackerel on the fly. I have gathered little info from various tackle shops down here in BC. I have attached an Image of the flies that were recomended by local shops. I am planning on bringing my 5/6wt so I can use it for both mackerel and trout. I...
  7. Tidal
    hi i have just decided to keep my boat in sheet harbour for the summer, i launched it and put it on the dock last weekend but am not sure where to find the fish. any info on where abouts to go for mackerel, cod, pollick, herring would be greatly apreciated. hope to see some responses soon thanks
  8. Saltwater Species
    We started to see large numbers of jellyfish at the Bedford pier. Do these always come before the mackerel season? Does anything eat the jellyfish besides sea turtles? Do they affect the fishing? Thank you.
  9. Saltwater Species
    Hello There, I will be visiting Port Hawkesbury this summer, wanted to get somethings setup before i come. I currently know of only 2 mackerel fishing spots near cape breton, but they tend to be busy most of the times. 1. Port Hawkesbury Wharf 2. Canso Causeway I was wondering if there is...
  10. Saltwater Species
    Hello Everyone, I am going to be coming down from vancouver, bc for the summer of 2013, and will be fishing for some mackerel by the canso causeway. I had a few questions that i would like to ask 1. What lb test line I should use when i make my own mackerel feathers. 2. What lb test line...
  11. Saltwater Species
    I know someone usually starts the season off with a welcome to Mackerel, but with my limited knowedge and experience over the last 4-5 years in NS, I didn't expect them until August on the Eastern shore but they have been here for more than a week and at a decent size12-14 inches. I have a few...
1-11 of 11 Results