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  1. Lakes & Ponds
    I am trying to locate the boat ramps for Molega and Ponhook Lakes. I have driven around some of the lake but have not found the sweet spot as yet. Can anyone tell me the well kept secret?
  2. General Fishing Questions
    Has anyone ever fished either of these lakes near Blue Mountain in King's county. Might give them a try. Gold River Lake,-64.485067,564m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0!6m1!1e1 Porcupine Lake...
  3. General Fishing Questions
    Hey can anyone anyone can help me find some good places to fish in the Hubbards / Blandford (Bayswater) area? I am going up for a visit this Friday for the weekend and would like to find some lakes or rivers to fish from shore. Any suggestions or advice welcome, thanks When I use google maps...
  4. Lakes & Ponds
    Hey so I've been fishing Long Lake, as well as William's Lake, both of which are accessible by bus pretty easily from the Armdale Rotary, is there anything else nearby? (I know of Governor Lake, but I'm not quite sure if the bus goes there. Any help would be greatly appreciated)
  5. Chain Pickerel
    Hi, I normally fish the Beaverbank side of Kinsac in the back part of the lake. Are there any good spots for Chain Pickerels on the Fall River end that are easily accessible by kayak. What amout SMB? Are there any weedbeds or pads on that end? I'd like to give it a try. Thanks in advance.
  6. Chain Pickerel
    Just looking for some advice, I dont have a boat and have just moved from Truro to an appartment in Canning so have nowhere to keep my kayak. Can anyone give me some good spots to fish for pickerel and smallmouth from shore around lake george and lake paul. Went to both last week, at paul I was...
  7. Lakes & Ponds
    Hauled my boat all the may to Oakfield Park and the gates were closed, tryed laurie Park but they are building new/fixing the bridge, is there another public boat ramp I am unaware of? Thanks, Chase
  8. Lakes & Ponds
    Due to the proximity to my home, I am always looking at the waterways that run from or near the 103 Highway between Bayers lake and Tantallon, south towards the atlantic, some of which you can follow all the way from the highway to the ocean. One in particular jumps out at me because it has a...
  9. General Fishing Questions
    I have now been living in Halifax for almost four years and through the summer I have been trying to explore as many lakes and ponds in the Halifax area as I can. (More specifically lakes in the cowie hill area). I have figured out a lot about the fish in the area and what you can catch where...
1-9 of 9 Results