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  1. Perch
    Anybody out there fish this lake for white perch? I'd like to get out on the ice and try it out. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Perch
    Looking to try and get some white perch through the ice. I see that this is a lake open to ice fishing but I don't know anything about it. Does anyone out there know how to access this lake? I don't see much from Google Earth.
  3. General Ice Fishing
    Hey guys, Hope the new year has been good for fishing....just wanted to share a video from the start of 2015 with you guys Check out the new channel "Just Fishin" we will be updating constantly with new fishing videos Hope you enjoy!
  4. Morris CP 25 In 3 Lb 11oz

    My biggest Chain Pickeral @ 25 in -3 lb 11 oz
  5. Trout Fishing
    Came across this story tonight. Apparently the Minnesotan was ice fishing on the Ontario side of the lake. Caught a 4-pounder and despite a one-fish non-resident limit, kept it and continued fishing. Later caught this monster 52-POUND fish. It has been confiscated...
  6. FLakeSmallie

    caught in 25+ ft on a super duper while waiting for a trout, big surprise.
  7. Hardwater Trout
    Hey i am wondering if anyone has been out to check the smaller lakes like penhorn, meadow pond, lewis lake etc., lots of rain the other night but with 12" on some lakes i would like to see if that was enough to withstand it. Any info is appreciated. Matt
  8. Fund Raising News & Events
    The 7th Annual Winter Derby Gairloch Lake Sat., February 15 from 9:00 AM until 12:00 noon. Registration: $5, Children under 12 free Free: Hot-dogs, Coffee, Tea, pop and Hot Coco Membership available to the association for 2014 Prizes in two categories for kids and adults Sunday Feb 16 in...
  9. Hardwater Perch/Pickerel
    Anyone been to/drove past/tested the ice at Fish Lake yet this year? I am anxious to get after the chain pickerel!
1-9 of 9 Results