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  1. General Fishing Questions
    As spring and summer approaches, looking at trying to do fish for some dogfish. I do spend ,most my time on the Ahmerst Shore near Pugwash, wondering if anyone has ever had any luck here or on the Northumberland Strait. I know they are more rare on the Northumberland Strait. Will also be heading...
  2. General Fishing Questions
    Hi peoples. I'm fairly new to the Halifax area. I worry about pollution, so I don't really trust any of the local waterways to be "safe" to eat the fish from. I'm from Amherst, and pretty much any hole you can drown a worm in is safe to eat the fish from. lol. The other thing is, I am a bit...
  3. General Fishing Questions
    I have heard that pickerel have been eliminating a lot of fish like trout, bass, and perch in Dartmouth lakes, specifically in Lake Banook, Lake Mic Mac and Lake George. Can someone give me a bit more information on this? Is this a real problem?
  4. Trout Fishing
    Hi all, I'm new to the site and to the halifax area fishing scene. Actually I haven't done much fishing since I was a teen with my dad maybe 10 years ago lol. I want to get back into it with my wife as well as solo and figure I will start with my old friend rainbow trout. The trouble is I...
  5. General Ice Fishing
    Hey guys, Hope the new year has been good for fishing....just wanted to share a video from the start of 2015 with you guys Check out the new channel "Just Fishin" we will be updating constantly with new fishing videos Hope you enjoy!
  6. Conservation
    Hi all. I received this notice by email from my good friend Mike Crosby and wanted to share it with you. Details on this event can also be found on Facebook under "Aquaculture Reform Press Conference & Rally" -------------- Hi Everyone: We and the salmon need your support for an hour...
  7. General Fishing Questions
    Hi Guys, I am relatively new to fishing in NS and am hoping to gain some insight on what is left to fish as of now (Late october)... I have a few spinning rods and a good beach caster. I am mobile but currently located in Halifax. I am open to fishing any species, I am just unaware of what is...
  8. Fly Fishing
    Hello everyone! I was just wondering if anybody new of any fly casting courses or classes in HRM? I'm new to fly fishing this year and thus far have tried to learn through watching youtube videos and trial and error, but I'm not really getting much better. Any pointers? Bob
  9. Chain Pickerel
    Hey are there any good lakes in Halifax to catch pickerel? I know of the main ones like kinsac, grand, morris, etc but I'm wondering if there are any closer to the city (specifically armdale rotary) I've never caught one before and I'm hoping to this winter. Thanks guys
  10. General Fishing Questions
    Hey moved into halifax recently and i'm wondering if theres any shark fishing that is possible to do from land. Anywhere in halifax or close by Also interested in any other big game fishing that is around the HRM (catfish, tuna ect) I dont have a boat but a kayak is a possibility Let me know...
  11. General Fishing Questions
    Hey everyone, I was fishing down around East preston area for trout when i saw what i thought was a Chain Pickerel fry. A few days later returned with a net to take a closer look at the fish, which is when i found it was definatly not a pickerel. After a few hours of looking over the internet I...
  12. General Fishing Questions
    I've tried fishing Kearney Lake a few times and have found myself hooking only small black bass. Does anyone know if this is just the season (June) and these are just the new spawn or are these stunted bass? I've heared there are also trout in Kearney Lake but have yet to see one. I've tried...
  13. General Fishing Questions
    Hey Everyone, I have been living in Halifax for the last 3 1/2 years studying at Dal and fishing at every spare moment. I am originally from Saskatchewan and as you can probably guess the species (as well as the salt water) are quite a bit different from back home. I know the season is closed...
1-13 of 13 Results