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  1. Gone Fishing
    Hello, I work for Mi'kmaw Conservation Group. My main focus is on the Shubie river. Wondering if any anglers have information on tom cod. I am on a project where I am tracking the tom cod from Maitland to Grand lake and all rivers branching into the Shubie, for spawning purposes. Also looking...
  2. General Fishing Questions
    I am reliably informed that last weekend, there were 3 seals in Grand Lake. One was dead, COD unknown, (hopefully, lead poisioning). The other two vermin were very much alive, one male and 1 female. These are saltwater organisms and do not belong in freshwater. Grey seals are not conservation...
  3. General Fishing Questions
    I was looking at the tournament schedule for Grand Lake and I see there are a couple coming up and I was wondering how somebody would enter into one of these tournaments? Also what some of the requirements (fees, reg's) would be. I understand they are run by the different Bass Associations in NS...
  4. Striped Bass Fishing
    I figured I'd start a thread on the Grand Lake Striper's for the season. I've pretty much switched gears from smallies and CP's to Striper's when fishing my favourite body of water. I'd like to hear of anyone else's experience, luck or attempts with the Lake Striper's this fall. I've been...
1-4 of 4 Results