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  1. Perch
    Hi all, been pounding a few new lakes the lakes around here since Gaspereau Lake is so low; I got tired of replacing shear pins :^). I've been on the hunt for some perch, primarily white perch as the yellow are just too small to be worth filleting, all I seem to be coming up with are small...
  2. Saltwater Species
    Hi there, I am looking for some advice for mackerel on the fly. I have gathered little info from various tackle shops down here in BC. I have attached an Image of the flies that were recomended by local shops. I am planning on bringing my 5/6wt so I can use it for both mackerel and trout. I...
  3. Salmon Fishing
    I f you could only take 6 flies with you to fish the Margaree in June what would your choices be and in what sizes. 3 wets? 3 Drys?
  4. Striped Bass Fishing
    Hey guys and gals, Look don't ream me I know it is frowned upon to share fishing spots since we don't like crowding but I'm going to ask anyways. I am a young man who does alot of fishing and is very serious about it. The only time I take fish out of the water is when I know I'm having it for a...
1-4 of 5 Results