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  1. Chain Pickerel
    Hi, Where can I launch my kayak in Piggott? Someone told me on Frederick bu I'm not sure where exactly. Thanks
  2. first open water pickerel of 2016!

    Went for a few casts when I herd the water was open at shortts lake. Caught 5 in an hour, the best being this 20 incher.
  3. 24 inch chain

    24 inch 3lb chain pickerel I caught this summer
  4. image

  5. Hardwater Perch/Pickerel
    Anyone been to/drove past/tested the ice at Fish Lake yet this year? I am anxious to get after the chain pickerel!
  6. Chain Pickerel
    Hi, I normally fish the Beaverbank side of Kinsac in the back part of the lake. Are there any good spots for Chain Pickerels on the Fall River end that are easily accessible by kayak. What amout SMB? Are there any weedbeds or pads on that end? I'd like to give it a try. Thanks in advance.
  7. Chain Pickerel
    Just looking for some advice, I dont have a boat and have just moved from Truro to an appartment in Canning so have nowhere to keep my kayak. Can anyone give me some good spots to fish for pickerel and smallmouth from shore around lake george and lake paul. Went to both last week, at paul I was...
  8. Lakes & Ponds
    I have recently moved to Canning, in the Annapolis Valley and I am looking for a lake to do some pickerel fishing. I've done some trout and bass fishing so far this year, but I have that itch to watch a big mean predator smash a topwater bait. Any suggestions would be great, I am more interested...
1-9 of 9 Results