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  1. Fly Fishing
    Hey everybody, So I am headed out to the Cornwallis this Thursday in hope of losing my brown trout virginity. My fishing partner and I will be fly fishing. We will be headed back to Fredericton for the rest of the summer to finish our work practicums (we're forestry students) so we wont be able...
  2. Trout Fishing
    Are the trout still biting anywhere? What flies?
  3. Flies & Fly Tying
    Hey I have recently taken up fly tying and I am looking for some grizzly and brown hackle for tying small dry flies (adams and mosquitoes in particular). As I am only currently tying a handful here and there for myself I am not looking to spend the big bucks on big bags of each which seems to be...
  4. Trout Fishing
    Hey everybody just wondering about the musquidobit river. I plan on doing some fishing there this year however I have no sweet clue where. Anybody have any direction or starting point maybe? I'm just not sure wether I need to go as far as upper or middle musky or wether I can fish it well lower...
1-4 of 4 Results