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brown trout
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  1. Trout Fishing
    My old man and I are planning to go out to the Stewiacke River one of these nights and try to catch a couple of brown trout. I know they get pretty big, and the fly rods we have between the two of us are two 9wt rods that we use for salmon fishing and one 5wt rod for brookies/shad. I'm wondering...
  2. Pictou, Subd. C 20130901 00672

    Best part of catching a beautiful fish is releasing it
  3. browntroutbaby

    caught this little guy on a rapala not much smaller than the fish itself
  4. 268372 2011277636250 8123660 N

    work in progress
  5. 21" brown

    First trout of the year, 21" brown
  6. Trout Fishing
    I am fairly new to fishing any sort of trout in the fall and I have heard it can be a good time of year for fishing browns. I fish in the hants/Halifax county areas and am wondering if anyone could point me to a system or two where I might be able to find them. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  7. Landsdown Brown

    Nice brown caught last week on a 3 foot wide run, about ten inches deep. Sunny as hell , 3 pm in the afternoon. Was shocked to hook into this guy under poor ( poor for browns ) weather conditions on a 30 degree day.
  8. Trout Fishing
    Brown Trout and Interview with Guy who Caught a 19in Sea Run Brookie.. - YouTube Interesting video i thought some nova scotia fisher people would enjoy...
  9. Trout Fishing
    I moved up to the Truro area last July, and hooked a beautiful 16.5 inch brown trout in the North River. Just wondering if the browns are common in this river system, and if anyone else has had spent time on this river? I plan on spending alot of time between Truro and Tatamagouche this upcoming...
  10. General Fishing Questions
    Hey just wondering if anyone has done any fishing in the Habitant river in the Canning area. I literally live 200m from the water's edge across from the picnic park in Canning. I have been wondering if it is worth trying as I have not seen a single person fishing along the river, but being close...
1-17 of 17 Results