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  1. Lakes & Ponds
    Checking the stocked lakes list and noticed they stocked something called enfield quarry pond, after a little googling I can't seem to find an enfield quarry pond. Anyone know where this is/worth throwing a line in? Also kind of curious is there is any difference in-between speckled and brook...
  2. Very small brook trout

    I believe this is one of the smallest brook trout I have ever had in my hands (and I have relatively small hands). I think it was right around 3 inches. Caught yesterday by my son in a small brook. It was quickly followed by a 6 incher. Both were released to grow another day of course.
  3. Gone Fishing
    Had the day off work and shit weather stopped me from fishing so I thought I would do some history browsing on the NS archives when I cam across this gem, a hunting and fishing guide to Nova Scotia from 1909. The link I posted brings you right to the start of the fishing section but do to page...
1-3 of 3 Results